Defeat in the pocket: Russian AF and SAA liberated about 100 towns and villages on the road to Idlib (PHOTO, VIDEO, MAP)

Defeat in the pocket: Russian AF and SAA liberated about 100 towns and villages on the road to Idlib (PHOTO, VIDEO, MAP)

Syrian Arab army and its allies supported by Russian Air Force have liberated from terrorists more than 100 towns and villages in the South-Eastern part of Aleppo on the road to Idlib over the week.

Syrian governmental forces have completely freed from militants a big pocket with towns and villaged located inside it in Al-Hass area, in the South-West of Aleppo province. Around 50 settlements have been liberated in just 24 hours.

On Sunday, after violent clashes with the terrorists of «Аl-Qaeda»* and «Аhrar ash-Sham» the army regained control over strategic road that connects Khanasser and Jabal al-Arbaen through Tal ad-Daman.

Armed Forces of SAR declared that they had regained full control of all settlements on Al-Hass plateau after a four-day rapid offensive in this region.

Last Saturday Syrian loyalist forces took strategic crossroads near Tal ad-Daman town and a number of villages to the North of it. Thus all the remaining settlements controlled by islamists in Al-Hass area were surrounded.

Syrian armed forces were cleansing settlements from the remaining bandits and makeshift explosive devices on Saturday and Sunday. The enemy showed lax stand because most of the illegal armed groups rapidly escaped Al-Hass plateau just before it had been entrapped

More than one hundred settlements were returned under Damascus’ control after Syran army’s operations.

Now SAA forcs are about 5 km from their fellow servicemen fighting in the Southern part of Idlib near Abu Duhur military airfield.

Abu-Duhur airbase is situated not far from Aleppo and Idlib provinces’ border.

Let us remind that offensive in the South of Aleppo started in Western Khanasser in the end of 2017, SAA was advancing through defense lines of Idlib terror groups scattered around South-Eastern Aleppo.

The militants started mass retreat, which allowed Syrian army to liberate about 30 villages within a few days.

At the same time fierce battles continue in Idlib province where «Al-Qaeda» and its allied gangs are on a counter-attack against SAA forces. Some time earlier SAA went deep into the area by assault. Settlemets pass from governmental forces to islamists and back, both sides suffer losses.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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